TS Galaxy FC would like to set a record straight about the false statement that is circulating on various social media platforms that we will be hosting trails. That is far from the truth.

Our development structures are currently closed now because of the Covid-19 regulations and we have no intention of conducting any trials.

Over the years, we’ve hosted a number of trials at no fee and we will continue to do so in the near future.

Please be aware of the scammers and do no make any attempt to make any money. We don’t charge for trials at TS Galaxy because we comprehend the value of the trials.

In future, please tab to all our social media platforms and websites if we are planning to conduct any trials. For now, situations do not allow us to scout for talent at amateur level.

Once we are back to normality we will provide opportunities to all the aspiring young footballers to fulfill their dreams.

From: TS Galaxy Football Club

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