TS Galaxy gives back to the community

TS Galaxy Football Club celebrated World Food Day in style by giving back to the community of Mamelodi this past weekend.

The club together with Entokozweni Resource Centre-Miag in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Social Development embarked on a journey to give back to the members of the community who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

TS Galaxy FC President, Tim Sukazi, explained the idea behind the initiative of giving back to the community.

“TS Galaxy was part of the initiative that is related to the debuting of World Food Day. We came here to Mamelodi with the department of Social Development in Gauteng. We thought we should come and make a difference with the title that we have by giving food to our people. We are a black community. We are poverty-stricken.

“Many will know that Mamelodi is the stronghold of TS Galaxy FC. There are many Ndebele-speaking people here. From C1 in Mamelodi to C5, it is Ndebele only,” Sukazi explained.

TS Galaxy FC players (Marlon Heugh, Karabo Tshepe, Sibongiseni Shelembe, and Muzi Mahlangu) also played a pivotal role on the day of the event as they helped to deliver the food parcels.

“This is our community. We are taking a serious claim but we then thought that could not be done by lip service. We need to be visible. People need to see the club here. We came but most importantly we achieved what we needed to achieve by giving to the poor. Poverty alleviation is challenging in South Africa. We should take it step by step as South African communities and TS Galaxy took this initiative. We are quite grateful,” he added.

TS Galaxy FC Cheerleaders entertained the members of the community that attended this prestigious event.

“The players came and so did our girls who are in our youth education program. Every person who forms part of our universe needs to be part of it so that people can realize that we belong together. When we say we have people in Mamelodi and they also see their players, they appreciate it. As you can see, the players are active.

“The players played a huge helping hand in hand off the parcels. We are grateful that we made this occasion a very eventful one.” Sukazi explained.

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