TS Galaxy gets their vaccines

TS Galaxy players, technical team, and staff got vaccinated on Monday in partnership with Gauteng Sports, Art and Culture, together with the Health Department.

It was a step in the right direction. After getting vaccinated, TS Galaxy FC Assistant Coach Shaun Bartlett explained why it was important for the Rockets to get vaccinated.

“As sports personalities in this country, we’ve got a voice to impact the nation positively and the society at large. Having been vaccinated, we have to make sure that as individuals we get back to some sort of normality as quickly as possible and the only way it is going to happen is when a lot of people get vaccinated. We trust the vaccine. That’s why we did it today. Our appeal is for more people to get vaccinated,” Bartlett explained.

South Africa is still under lockdown. The country moved to level 2 on Sunday.

“As a country, we are suffering because more and more things are not open. We will also like to see the fans back in the stadium. The team and the players will like to see the fans back in the stadium. We know that some of these guys thrive on the 12th man. Hopefully, we will see them soon. We can’t wait to see fans back in the stadium,” he added.

Football matches have been played behind closed doors for over a year now.

“The atmosphere is very subdued. It is very quiet. I think we can benefit as a club. We know the so-called bigger clubs thrive on the 12th man. I think for us as well, it can influence the results. As South Africans, we enjoy watching games live. The sooner we get them back, everyone will be happy. Hopefully, it is soon,” Bartlett elaborated.

Football supporters are now back at stadiums in other countries across the world.

“We can all see the impact of getting vaccinated in Europe. It is full capacity at stadiums. It is the norm for football supporters. They are supporting their teams and that’s the only way we can move forward. We know the importance of getting fans back into the stadium. To the team, it is to go and get vaccinated.” Bartlett explained.

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