TS Galaxy FC team gets their second jab

TS Galaxy FC got their second jabs of the vaccine this week and received their vaccination certificates.

Net-minder at the Rockets, Marlon Heugh, informed the TS Galaxy FC website why it is important for the masses to get vaccinated.

Last month, the Rockets got their first jabs and then completed the second jab at the start of this week.

“I’m appealing to most people to get vaccinated. Remember that when you were younger, you used to get a lot of vaccines to make sure that you are protected from different diseases. Corona is the new virus that has hit the world. People must get their vaccines,” Heugh explained.

The coronavirus has halted the growth of the local game.

The supporters are still not allowed to attend football matches but there was a light at the end of the tunnel earlier this month when South African Football Association (Safa) allowed 2000 fans to witness the game between Bafana Bafana and Ethiopia.

Safa allowed only those that are vaccinated to attend the Bafana Bafana game. Supporters have not been to matches for over a year now.

“Getting a vaccine doesn’t mean that you won’t get the Covid-19 but it means that it won’t be as bad as it might have been had you not been vaccinated,” Heugh elaborated.

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