Msimango is busy with his exams

TS Galaxy defender Given Msimango has turned his setback into a positive.

At the start of the season, Msimango was ruled out of the start of the season because of an injury.

The lanky defender has started his rehabilitation and is set to come back to full-fitness next month.

Speaking with the TS Galaxy FC website, Msimango opened up about how he has utilized his time.

“I’m busy writing my exams right now. Everything is going well on that front. I just need to get back to full fitness. I just need to come back and do what I’m paid to do, which is to play football,” Msimango stated.

He is currently studying for his Diploma in Business Management at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

“I’m in my second year of my business diploma. Next year, I’m going for my third year. Hopefully, I can finish in record time and graduate,” he added.

Msimango is not only focusing on his studies but during his leisure time, he does a lot of reading.

“Books are a great way of self-learning. My current read is Think Again by Adam Grant. It is a great read and I’ll recommend it to a lot of people. It is very intriguing. It is keeping my mind very busy.” Msimango explained.

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