Marlon Heugh recovers from his injury

After going through trials and tribulations with an injury, TS Galaxy net-minder, Marlon Heugh, has recovered and is ready to compete for the number one spot.

Heugh got injured during pre-season and was ruled out at the start of the season.

Last season, he was chosen as the best player for the Rockets following his great exploits.

But an injury prevented him from continuing from where he left off last season.

“I’m very happy to be back. For now, it is all about getting my match fitness and sharpness back. That will take time. It is good to be back in the field of play. I’m looking forward to getting some minutes under my belt,” Heugh detailed.

He has completed his rehabilitation and is starting to train with the rest of the squad.

“This was the first time I got injured and I had an operation. It is a first-time experience. It is not the easiest for me. I want to come back stronger now. I’ve worked very hard to get back. I had to control my weight,” Heugh stated.

Vasilaje Kolak is currently occupying the number one jersey at the moment for the Rockets.

“I have to fight against myself. I always push myself to the limit. That’s been my mentality all these years. The most important thing is to push yourself. It is your mind that will get you through. I compete against myself, no one else.” Heugh explained.

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