We suffered our maiden defeat this past weekend at the expense of Stellenbosch FC at Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit but our President, Tim Sukazi is very optimistic about the future of the club despite the loss in our own territory this past weekend.

The Rockets succumbed in to a 1-0 defeat against Stellenbosch FC. It was our first defeat in the DSTV Premiership.

TS Galaxy website sat down with the president, Tim Sukazi to discuss our start and this how the conversion went.

TS Galaxy (TSG): President, we suffered our first loss against Stellenbosch. What are the positives that we can take going forward?

Tim Sukazi (TS): In professional football or in a football season rather, it will always happen at some point or another. The fact that we’ve been undefeated, it didn’t necessarily mean we won’t be defeated at some point. So, that point happened to be yesterday.

If you saw the game, you will realize that we did very well but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Lady luck has somehow eluded us infront of goals. If it is not a strange block or something cleared off the line, it hit the post. We’ve seen that in the last few games. Let us hope that on a different day these goal will find the back of the net. If they do and then it will be a completely a different ball game in so far as we are concerned because you can also see that we are very stringy at the back.

We take the negatives that came with the defeat with the positives that came with it. The biggest was the young debutant, Macbeth Mahlangu who is 19. He is a youngster that I personally found when I conducted trials in KwaNdebele way back in 2017. Many didn’t understand why would I go in to KwaNdebele and conduct football trials but I always maintained that there is talent there. I grew up there.

I believe that there are players who grew up there that should have made it in to the professional game but because they were situated there, they stood no chance. There was no opportunities for them. That’s what pushed me.

Yesterday, the truth of that hardwork going there in 2017 and getting these boys who are through the program of TS Galaxy was rewarded. He started playing in ABC Motsepe League when he was 14 years old. He played six games in the Bio bubble uninterrupted. That was when we were in the GladAfrica Championship. He just turned 19 in October. He did well until cramps disrupted his play.

TSG: We’ve seen a number of young players given an opportunity to showcase their talent at TS Galaxy. What is your take on that?

TS: TS Galaxy Football is the club for the future. You can’t just say so by literally, it need to be clear in a manner in which things happens. If you look at the emergency of the youngsters, it tells you. In the next five to six years, this club will be one of the biggest forces in the country. We are very much in line to achieve that not only in the field but even administratively we are a youth driven side.

We are the club that thrive on youth. You will see it more and more in our football matches when it comes to the playing personnel. I was really quite pleased yesterday to see the club for the first time in many years, fielding at the PSL level, the youngest central defensive pairing, a 19 year old and the 23 year old. You don’t see that everyday in South African football.

TSG: Our next game is against Mamelodi Sundowns who are on top of the table.

TS: That is a very tricky encounter for any PSL side. It is going to be challenging. But look, we are TS Galaxy and we are always ready for these big occasions. We are looking forward to it and we are excited. It is going to be a mouthwatering clash.

TSG: How would you sum up our start so far?

TS: It is a steady start in a very difficult and challenging league. The PSL is the highest standard of football in the country and probably the highest football standard in the continent. So as a novice, to see yourself cutting teeth in that highest standard and having such a start, it is very pleasing.

TSG: Thank you President.

TS: It is a pleasure to interact with our supporters.

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