GIVEN Msimango has been one of the shining light for TS Galaxy in the current season and we sat down with him just to review our first 14 games in the DSTV Premiership.

TS Galaxy (TSG): How does it feel to be back in the starting line up after some few weeks with an injury?

Given Msimango (GM): It’s feel very great to be back in the starting line up. I’ve been out of action for the past four games. I had a minor knock and I’ve been working very hard during that time. It was a great feeling to be back in the team.

TSG: We are now gaining momentum in the league, what has coach, Owen Da Gama changed?

GM: It is a great feeling that the club is starting to gain momentum and we are starting to win more games. We are doing well and we are in a good space. Coach, Owen has brought a lot of intensity within the team. We are responding well to it and everyone is working very hard. The results are starting to show now. We are aiming to keep up that momentum, stay positive and consistent for the rest of the season.

TSG: We seem to be ruthless away from home. What is key for us?

GM: We’ve been doing well away from home. What has been key for us is hard work. With that hard work comes consistency. We’ve been consistent through our hard work. We need to stay focused and consistent. That will bring more positive results going forward.

TSG: How far can we go in the league?

GM: In terms of how far, we can go, I don’t want to speculate. Yes, we are halfway through the season. We are at the bottom of the table which where we don’t want to find ourselves. We are aiming for top eight. We just need to stay consistent and take one game at the time. The next important game is the next one.

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